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Become a computer hacking mastermind in Source Control, a PC game with a unique twist on traditional match 3 puzzle games where you hack your way past an evil Security A.I. to gain access to a top secret network!
Match four symbols in a rubix cube styled puzzle by rotating symbols left or right. Make a match in the least amount of moves possible and prevent the enemy A.I. from rebuilding its firewall! Capture enemy shields to protect your own firewall!

Development: Coming soon for Mac, iPad & Android We are feverously working on ports for Mac, iOS and Android which should be coming in 2014.

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  • MATCH 4 PUZZLE: Unique twist on traditional match 3 mechanics, like playing a 2D Rubix cube!
  • STORY: Become a computer mastermind and hack into Trio Tech Inc High Security Network!
  • CASUAL MODE: Practice and hone your puzzle skills at your own pace!
  • ARCADE MODE: Puzzle your way through the AI’s network as it goes from tough to impossibe!
  • SURVIVAL MODE: Can you survive against the the toughest security setting?
  • LEADERBOARDS! Compete for the top rank in the world and among your friends!
  • UNIQUE GRAPHICS: Vibrant colours and animations set in a dark, Matrix movie style setting!

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Screenshots PC/Mac/Linux

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Title Screen

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Promotional Banners

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Photo of Sean Durkan
Sean Durkan
Lead Designer, Coder
Photo of Stephen Byrne
Stephen Byrne
Lead Programmer, Manager
Photo of Davy Ryan
Davy Ryan
Photo of Damien Ward
Damien Ward
Graphics Artist
Photo of Marc
Composer & Audio Designer

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Shortlisted for Eircom Spider: Best Digital Game
Newspaper Interview UCD University Observer, March 2013
Studio Mention Silicon Republic, December 2012
Showcased at Dublin Science Gallery December 2012
Speaker at State of Play (2012) Dublin Institute of technology, November 2012
Radio Interview Phoenix FM, November 2012
Irish Indie Bundle (2012) August 2012

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